Our SANCCOB poster series has been designed to alert the public to the rapid decline of the African Penguin population, as well as SANCCOB’s on-going efforts to save the species. The object of the campaign is to encourage people to have the foresight to see the problem before it becomes critical. The viewer’s visual perception of each execution is called into question with the line “See the reality before it’s too late” and a call-to-action encouraging the viewer to act now and help save the species by adopting a penguin at SANCCOB. The stark visual language used throughout the series echoes the graphic black & white look of the penguin.

The series of 3 posters were placed in doctors’ rooms, optometrists, hospitals, shopping centres, schools and at the SANCCOB Education Centre.


“TIPPING POINT” (Pictured left)
This Escher-style poster plays on the viewer’s perception of the positive vs. negative space. The fact that it’s challenging to see the transition of the penguins from alive to dead in the middle of the poster; represents the fact that often it is difficult to recognise a problem at a critical point when a change can still be made. A call-to-action urges the viewer to help change the picture by adopting a penguin.


“TAKE A CLOSER LOOK” (Pictured right)
This graphic poster contains a hidden headline reading “See the reality before its too late” which can only be seen from a distance. This headline captures the viewer’s attention and pulls them in, revealing the ratio of live vs. dead penguins. A call-to-action urges the viewer to take a closer look at the problem and help by adopting a penguin while they can still be saved.


Agency Bittersuite  |  CD Andrew Hofmeyr  |  Designer & Illustrator Tessa Kleingeld
Art Director Jade Eccles  |  Copywriter Caitlin Cloete